Bullock Farms is a family owned and operated 100 acre farm located in beautiful central New Jersey with gently rolling hills, green pastures and open farmland. The farm has been in the Bullock family since 1860, making our children the sixth generation to be raised on the farm.

The generations have seen many changes. In the early days, alfalfa, corn and potatoes were the main crops grown on the farm. Cranberries were grown in bogs owned by the Bullocks in nearby Prospertown and processed on the farm in the Cranberry House. Potatoes and grain were grown through the 1950s, changing to tomatoes in the 1960s, and then moving to all grain from the early 1970s thru the 1990s. Planting pumpkins in the mid 1980s started as a project for our children, and now is one of our main crops. We began planting nursery stock in 1986, and Christmas trees in 1989. The farm opened for the Christmas season in 1999.

Brothers, Marty and Rick Bullock, now operate the farm along with wives Janet and Linda. Being a completely family run farm, the four of us work side by side throughout the year. Spring work begins with preparing the fields for planting corn, soybeans and pumpkins. In the early spring we also plant seedlings for Christmas trees and nursery stock. The pumpkin harvest, which begins the day after Labor Day, is a busy season with wholesale and retail sales in full swing. We have a variety of pumpkins, gourds, straw, corn stalks and Indian corn to supply your business with everything you need. Retail customers visit our Pumpkin Wagon filled with our fall harvest to decorate your home.

The Christmas Season is also an exciting time of year, with preparations starting before the last pumpkin is picked. Janet and Linda are busy making crafts, getting the gift shop ready to open, and preparing to make wreaths and grave blankets while Marty and Rick are harvesting corn, soybeans, and planting winter wheat, barley and rye.

We have been blessed with children and extended family members who are willing to help and volunteer their time during busy times of baling straw, picking pumpkins and selling Christmas trees.